Accession No: A 15101 - Catalogue Reference: D/Z 733 addl.

Records of and kept by Witham and Countryside Society, comprising:

Box 1: Minute books, 1969-1973, 1973-1978;

Box 2: Minute books, 1978-1983, 1983-1985;

Box 3: Minutes, 1986-1989; 1990-1992; 1993-1996; 1997-1998;

Box 4: general correspondence files, 1993, 1994 and 1995; copy of transcript endorsed as by Maurice Smith, IA-ZI [of items of Witham history];

Box 5:

Witham file re neighbourhood councils, 1974-1976; Child health and welfare notes, 1978-1980;

Conservation of hedgerows, Bradwell gravel pit, 1984;

Correspondence etc. relating to development of Witham:

Town reappraisal, Witham, 1969;

Increased traffic along Avenue Road, Witham, 1970-1972;

Agreement with GLC re housing development at Powers Hall End, Witham, 1972;

Proposed footpath between Saul's Bridge and Kings Chase, 1972;

Statement by Cllr. Helen Pitchforth re town expansion of Witham, 1974; Sewage treatment works official tour of inspection leaflet, 1975, and report on pulveriser plant;

Plans new Witham branch library, 1975;

Chipping Hill conservation area, 1975;

Grove-Maldon link road, building of new Tesco and ice-rink, 1975-1986;

Box 6:

Development at Bellfield, 1976;

High House, Newland Street conservation, 1977-1979;

Hatfield Road Estate and various transport infrastructure developments, 1977-1983;

Use of land for a Sunday Market at Witham, and drive-in cinema, 1979-1980, 1982;

Motts Lane improvement scheme, 1979-1986; International supermarket planning application, 1980; Roslyn House BDC appeal, 1984:

Housing development south of Maltings Lane, 1987; Deletion of East/West road, 1986-1987;

Box 7:

Bairds Maltings and silos, 1989-1995; related agendas of BDC Development

Control Sub-Committee; Maltings Lane Forum, 2000-2003; Grove garage / filling station, 1990;

Box 8:

Cycleways in Witham, 1992;

Repairs to the carved figure in store at the Albert P.H. Witham with information about other figureheads elsewhere in the country, 1993-1994; Witham Town Centre discussion report, 1995;

Newlands Drive resurfacing, 1996;

Shopping in Witham report to BDC, 1998;

Witham Opinion Survey, 1998;

Witham Town Plan, 2003 [photocopy];

Land ownership dispute adjoining 137 Newland St, 2003;

Witham Town Park project, 2007-2009, 2018; Solar farm, Little Braxted, 2013;

Box 9:

Planning reports etc. by Essex County Council:

County of Essex Development Plan: First review, 1964;

IWitham 1991 1 strategy, 1977, incl. copies of Essex Plan 2 leaflet and Braintree District Council strategy reports, 1) population and 2) employment;

Planning reports etc. by Braintree District Council (BDC):

District Plan for Witham and Surrounding Villages: report of survey, June 1982;

Local plan for Witham and Surrounding villages: draft plan for public consultation,

1983, incl. copy of Essex Development Plan Scheme, 1975; Local Plan Inquiry, April 1986: BDC proof of evidence;

Box 10: Braintree District Local Plan Review: First Deposit Draft, 2002;

Box 1 1: File of transcripts, research notes and some correspondence relating to

Witham and local area history compiled by Tom Henderson;

Copy of 'The church and village of Bardfield Saling l by Pamela Twinn, 1983; MS notes on the history of Witham;

Box 12: Inquiry documentation relating to development at 20-24 Collingwood Road, 2016-2007;

Box 13: Local Plan for Witham and Surrounding Villages, draft and adopted plans,

1983-1987; Witham: historic towns project assessment report by Maria Medlycott,

1998; Witham Town Plan: a future for our town, Witham Town Council, 2003; Witham Town Centre Newland Street conservation area appraisal and-management plan (draft), ECC/BDC, 2007;

Box 14: Essex County Council Minerals Subject Plan: 1st draft, Nov. 1986; 2nd draft, Jan. 1988; 'Mineral Extraction: impact on the landscape', CPRE, 1971; R. A. Brice application for minerals extraction at Rivenhall End, 1991-1992;

Box 15: environmental conservation:

Local History Recorder Scheme: list of recorders, 1986;

Open Space: draft sustainability appraisal, BDC, 2009;

Whetmead Local Nature Reserve (LNR), Essex Ecology Services Ltd., 2015; Witham River Walk, 1985;

Witham River Walk: general wildlife assessment, Nov.2008;

Loss of Cover trough removal of hedgerows and trees', CPRE, 1971 ;

ITree planting year and wildlife conservation', Nature Conservancy, 1973;

ITrees in Essex: no.2 farmland planting', c. 1972;

IThe Essex Countryside: a landscape in decline? l , ECC, 1972;

Environmental directory, c. 1970;

Leisure and Recreation "a blueprint", Braintree and Bocking UDC, 1972; Interpretive publications. Environmental Interpretation, CEI, Dec 1985; Pollution'; review by GLC, 1971;

Conservation areas and historic buildings in Braintree district', BDC, 1982;

'Street furniture' (Conservation in Essex no.3), n.d.

'Shopfrontsl (Conservation in Essex No.5) reprinted BDC, 1981;

Blinds' Supplementary Planning Guidance consultation draft, BDC/ECC, 1990; 'Replacement windows', ECC, n.d.

Period doors': the abuse of historic detail, ECC 1986;

Design guide for residential areas (draft), ECC, 1972;

Building responsibilities': the case for extending planning control over agricultural and forestry buildings, CPRE, 1991;

Proposals to demolish listed buildings': notes for local amenity societies, Civil

Trust, 1974;

Silver End conservation guides, ECC/BDC, n.d.

Local plans, public local inquiries: a guide to procedure', Dept of the Environment, 1984;

Planning green paper, S. Byers, 2001 (with press release);

Environmental Law Update - 2001;

Sustainable Development Strategy for the SE, 1998;

Bothered by Noise? what you can do about it', Dept of the Environment, 1982; Panning enforcement' module, 2005

Box 16:

I Urban Development and Child Welfare in an Expanding Town', thesis by O. Selvin, PG student, University of Essex, 1979 [using Witham as case study].

Public inquiries into road proposals: what you will need to know, Dept of the Environment, 1973;

Roads and the landscape', CPRE, 1971;

Participation in road planning, Dept of the Environment, 1973;

Living with the lorry, University of Leicester, 1973;

Proposed prohibition of driving in Newland Street, 1898;             

A12 Hatfield Peverel to Witham link road Highways Agency, 2000;


Transport strategy for the Braintree district: consultation draft, BDC, 2000;        

'Major infrastructure projects', Dept. Transport, Local government and the Regions,


Speed management strategy and policy for Essex, 2003-2005, ECC:

London to Ipswich multi modal study [travel and transport issues], 2002; Can I object? leaflet pub. by Royal Town Planning Inst., n.d.

IA voice for your neighbourhood: the neighbourhood council', Dept of the Environment, 1977;

IThe modern council: how we manage and make decisions', BDC, 2000; Witham Council Millennium questionnaire - report; papers re Cressing Temple development, 1989;

Swanvale Industrial Estate, Witham. report of public exhibition, 2006; Review of Braintree District Local Plan, 2000;

Box 17: Witham UDC residential area I no.5 1 house plans, n.d; proposed development of former Butchers Bar and Grill, Cut Throat Lane, Witham, n.d.;

Inquiry document and plans for Collingwood Road site development, Witham, 2007

Date: 1964 - 2018  

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